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Flow of Requesting Service

  Request for Service   From "Contact Us & Request for Service," choose the request form for your preferred service, enter the necessary information and send the form.
  Payment   The next screen shows "Buy Now" that is the link to Paypal. Click the button and make the payment through Paypal.
  Appointment   We will notify you within 48 hours (except for Saturdays, Sundays, and American National Holidays) with your appointment time & day, the name of your counselor and the phone number or skype address.
  Phone Counseling   Please call or Skype our office for consulting.

Consulting Package Price

  1 session 3 sessions 5 sessions 10 sessions
30min $60 $176 $282 $522
45min $90 $263 $423 $783
60min $120 $351 $564 $1044
90min $180 $527 $846 $1566
*will be expired in one year from the day of your request.

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To American
  • Japanese culture and values
  • Comparison of work environment between the US and Japan
  • Effective communication with Japanese
To Japanese
  • Living in the US: safety, medical system, etc
  • Working in the US: what motivates employees, relationship with boss/subordinate/coworkers, evaluation, career moves, etc.
  • Effective communication with Americans: conversation, phone, email, how to praise/reprimand, problem-solving, etc.
  • Stress management: culture shock, self-care, life/work balance, etc.
To Japanese students
  • Preparation for study abroad: safety, living in dorm/home stay, time management, etc.
  • Effective Communication with friends, teachers, host family, roommate, dorm mates, etc.
  • Mental toughness: improve concentration, stress management, self care, etc.
  • Career development: how to choose career, interviewing skills, etc.
To parents of Japanese students
  • The reality of studying abroad: school life, dorm, home stay, culture and values, etc.
  • How to support your child effectively during study abroad: to do and not to do.
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