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A Manual for Successful Studying Abroad
Kiyoko Kakutani

Welcome to Success Abroad Counseling Website!

Success Abroad Counseling facilitates cultural understanding and education between Japan and the US. Our counselors came from Japan and received masters degrees in counseling and related fields in graduate schools in the US, so we are bicultural and bilingual. We help American people, who study with, work with, or live with Japanese people, to understand the differences between cultures and to learn how to communicate better.
  • We both speak English, but I can’t communicate with my Japanese coworker.
  • I don’t understand Japanese person’s behavior in my team.
  • I want to get along with Japanese people.
  • I feel misunderstood by my Japanese boss.
We provide phone consultation, so you can access from anywhere. You can have a session from 30 min. to 90 min. There is some discount when you purchase multiple sessions.

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