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Disclaimer regarding Success Abroad Counseling’s website

  1. Internet: We use SSL in order to protect your privacy.
  2. Time differences: All our appointment times are based on Pacific Standard Time. During the daylight saving time, which starts in March (usually the second Sunday) and ends in November (usually the first Sunday), the clock is set ahead one hour.
  3. 1)Cookies: We do not set cookies on our website.
  4. 1)Copyright: All the materials contained in our website are copyrighted. However, you may use and copy the materials solely for your personal or noncommercial use. Commercial use of these materials is prohibited without written permission from us.

Disclaimer regarding consulting

  1. In case of power outage or internet server breakdown: A power outage or internet server breakdown can disturb our electronic communication with you. If you have made a consulting request via internet and if you have not received a response within 72 hours, please send us your question again.
  2. 1)In case of telephone line/network troubles: If a telephone conversation is disrupted by troubles in your international telephone line or your cell phone network, you may be asked to call us again from another location or from a land-line phone. In case our phone line/network has some troubles, we will call you back. If we are unable to fix the phone related troubles, you will be asked to reschedule your consulting in accordance with the following rule:

    If you encounter telephone trouble within the first 10 minutes of phone consulting: Your next consulting will be free of charge.
    Telephone trouble sometime between 11 - 20 minutes from the beginning of phone consulting: Your next consulting will be 50% off of our regular fee.
    Telephone trouble after 21 minutes: Your next phone consulting will be charged fully.
  3. Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us and our counselors respect your privacy. We recommend you remain at a quiet and private space while you are in a phone consulting session.
  4. Age limit: If you are younger than 18 years old, you need consent from your parent or guardian.
  5. Limitation of consulting: Consulting cannot replace traditional face-to-face counseling or medical treatments. Please seek medical treatiments if you are suffering from a severe depression, a severe anxiety disorder, a severe eating disorder, or a severe case of alcohol/drug abuse, if you are a victim of abuse or domestic violence, if you feel suicidal, or if you have any psychotic symptoms, including but not limited to hallucinations and delusions.
  6. Cancellation: The fee for consulting is to be paid in advance. For a full refund, cancellation notice must be received by us at least 24 hours before your appointment. You will receive no refund for cancellation less than 24 hours or no show on your appointment.
  7. Assigned counselor: If your assigned counselor will not be available for a relatively long period of time due to vacation or sick leave, you will be notified in advance. Another counselor can provide consulting at your request while your assigned counselor is absent. You will also be notified if your counselor is not available due to an emergency. You can reschedule your appointment with your assigned counselor. Or another counselor can provide consulting.
  8. Your consulting records will be retained for 5 years in accordance with the Washington State regulations.
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