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Kiyoko Kakutani
Kobe High School
Mukogawa Women's University (BA in Pharmacy)
Hunter College School of Social Work (Master of Social Work)
Ito Ham Foods, Inc. Main Office Research Lab
Asian Counseling & Referral Services
Nikkei Manor Assisted Living
Private Practice
Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute (Counselor) (
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the state of Washington
My therapeutic approach:
Cognitive behavioral therapy, Family systems therapy, Brief solution-focused therapy, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic psychology therapy

Counseling Experience:
18 years

I was born and raised in Kobe, Japan, and came to the US to study and work. My experience of studying and working in both countries makes me "between person" in two cultures. I would like to use my background to help Japanese people who come to the US to adjust easier, and American people who have Japanese people as a student, a spouse, or a co-worker. Another reason I created Success Abroad Counseling is to provide a place where people can access to bilingual bicultural Japanese counselors from anywhere.
A Manual for Successful Studying Abroad by ALC, Inc
A Manual for Successful Studying Abroad in Groups by Success Abroad Counseling
How to Support Your Child's Study Abroad by Success Abroad Counseling
(All books are in Japanese language)
Website Articles:
Junglecity Network "Ask the pro: Heart's Care"
Mainichi Education Study Abroad Navigation "Study Abroad is Tough Training"
(All articles are in Japanese language)
Volunteer Activity
Japanese Social Services Network (JSSN) Core Member (
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